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Contemporary Photographic Art and Travel Photography. Each original image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and so much more including garments and products for your home! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Chris Lord's Pixielated Pixels

Chris Lord Contemporary Photographic Art and Travel Photography.
Head Pixie and Pixel Pusher at Pixielated Pixels, I am British born and bred but New York City-based, and I first picked up a camera almost 50 years ago. After all these years I am finally happy, creating the images I always dreamed of. Shooting film and printing in the darkroom never gave me as much pleasure as powerful computers and Adobe's wonderful software. I began working with computers in the mid-1980s, and now I have become confident and competent with the tools at hand and feel that the world has finally caught up with my eclectic artistic vision. Intense and powerful color and a somewhat surreal take on reality are the way my mind works and I enjoy producing images to match. "Reality is a somewhat overrated thing" has become my mantra and I hope you enjoy where it leads me. If not I'll just blame it on the pixies!

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Shutterbug's Shutterbugs, Exploring Reader's Websites - by Joe Farace, Shutterbug Magazine, July 2014

Shutterbug reader Chris Lord is another transplant, this time from the UK, and calls the Big Apple his home. In this site Lord has created a fairy-tale land of HDR photography and collected arresting images in six galleries. Heck, even his portrait in Meet the Artist is HDR, and one of the best portraits of a photographer I've seen in a long, long while. (we make terrible subjects for other shooters.) The first two galleries include images from both his original and adopted home, but I started with the United Kingdom, which has three sub collections, including The Brighton Experience. Lord's approach to HDR mixes well with his nostalgic approach to image making and the subject matter at hand. His lush and whimsical image of the Brighton Royal Pavilion summons up impressions of Douglas Fairbanks in 1924's The Thief of Bagdad. While his precisely composed image of people on the beach with a pier in the background recalls postcards of the 1940s but is still very much of today. The same time-travel whimsey is on hand with Exploring Manhattan, part of the six collection Glimpses Of Gotham. His beautifully crafted Vintage Flatiron recalls both Edward Steichen's The Flatiron and Spider-Man, no mean accomplishment for a single photograph. If I'm sounding a bit rhapsodic it's because Chris Lord's images are spectacular in execution with a real feeling that the photographer is having lots of fun creating them. Be sure to explore the other galleries, too, because if you think that HDR is passe, think again.

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